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Training and university studies  

Promoting young talent is important to us. We therefore invest in the future of students at school and university level. Even school students are given the opportunity to gather first hands-on experience during a student traineeship term. Successful school-leavers can chose between top-class technical or commercial training and cooperative technical studies at II-VI HIGHYAG. Throughout the entire term of their university studies, various options exist for students to join our company and to gather practical experience. Besides traineeships and positions for student trainees, we offer the possibility to write final papers and to subsequently apply for a position at our company.

School student traineeship
We welcome students who are interested in our company and in gaining a first insight into the professional world during practical training at II-VI HIGHYAG. We also like to let others look over our shoulder to gain an insight into our product portfolio and our production processes, explaining economic and technical aspects. We consider each such trainee to be a success if we manage to inspire our trainees.

Vocational training

We believe that it is important to support and encourage young talent, to offer qualified training, to fulfil our social responsibility and, at the same time, to secure the ongoing availability of skilled employees for our company. We are therefore pleased to offer you sound training in commercial and technical professions after you have successfully finished school and are planning the next step to take.  We will give you interesting insights into the diversity of our high-tech company and support you in your first steps in professional life.

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Cooperative studies
II-VI HIGHYAG is a partner company of the Berlin School of Economics and Law, a premium university in the cooperative study system in Berlin. 
Each year, we offer interested applicants a training place in the "design and manufacturing" bachelor course. The distinct advantage of this cooperative study system is the clear-cut structure of alternating practical and academic phases that provide the bachelor students with perfect entrepreneurial knowledge. We take our responsibility as a training company for students in the cooperative system very seriously and pursue a consistent, determined support policy not just during the practical phases. We offer our students adequate remuneration, we pay their tuition and ultimately give them the opportunity to start their career at II-VI HIGHYAG after graduation.

Student trainees
Do you wish to already start your career while studying at the university? If so, working as a student trainee is the right option for you. You will work independently on concrete projects of the respective department as a permanent member of our team. Our varied and interesting work environment offers you possibilities for personal and professional development in an international company. You will receive adequate remuneration and gather valuable practical experience. What's more, you can use our flexitime system in order to reconcile your studies and professional life as required. During lecture time, you can work up to 20 hours a week and up to 40 hours during the holidays.
We frequently publish new exciting vacancies for student trainees. Use these opportunities and send us your application in order to obtain the optimum credentials for your future access to the working world and in order to find out what you like most.

Do you wish to join a company and put theory to practice? Then we will be pleased to give you the opportunity to demonstrate your skills during a traineeship term and to get first insights into a department at our company. We can offer you traineeships during each phase of your studies in different parts of our company. Even before you start studying, you can spend some weeks as a professional pre-student trainee with us, no matter where traineeship is mandatory or voluntary for your studies. The advantages for you are enormous: You can find out whether you like the work at the respective company department and what you would like to focus on in your future career. And you will also learn to work in a team. We attach great importance to the high professional quality of our traineeship positions. You will therefore have a permanent contact person during the entire term of your traineeship who can provide you with support.
We also encourage unsolicited applications for a traineeship position. Just tell us the time and department when and where you would like to work as a trainee. Please send your complete application documents to: Karriere.Highyag@II-VI.com. We look forward to receiving your application!

Final paper/thesis
We believe that it is a good sign when university students who have already worked as student trainees or trainees at our company also decide to write their final paper or thesis at II-VI HIGHYAG. However, a traineeship is not a precondition because we also give other applicants the possibility to write their final paper or thesis about a subject of practical relevance at our company if the subject matter of the paper is suitable and if agreement is reached on this. We therefore consider close cooperation with the respective university to be very important, with adequate remuneration of the bachelor or master student being a matter of course. If you send us an unsolicited application, please state the concrete title of your paper in your side letter. We look forward to receiving your application at: Karriere.Highyag@II-VI.com!

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