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Efficient Tools for Laser Material Processing

HIGHYAG is one of the world's leading suppliers of tools for laser material processing with solid state lasers, fiber lasers and diode lasers. The product portfolio includes laser processing heads, beam delivery systems as well as accessories and auxiliary devices for process alignment and setup.

The laser processing heads deliver the laser light precisely to the work piece in order to cut, weld or braze them. The beam delivery systems in terms of laser light cables and couplers guide the laser light from the laser beam source to the processing head.

Using our products, customers can count on the most efficient use of the laser beam for the most demanding advanced manufacturing applications.  Our welding heads are used worldwide in highly automated assembly lines for the automotive industry and our cutting heads result in maximum productivity in laser cutting machines.  Our success can be measured by the satisfaction and the superiority of our customers.  HIGHYAG is a trusted supplier for customers around the globe.

Expertise and Know-how - The Focused Energy

Our expertise is in the utilization of the laser beam for industrial material processing applications. This requires know-how in diverse fields such as laser technology, laser applications, optics, high-precision mechanics, robotics, sensor technology, control technique and mechanical engineering. Our consistently growing number of employees bundle these disciplines in order to create innovative solutions for laser material processing – customized tools for maximum productivity. Highly skilled employees are the key to our success.



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