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Dr. Robert Kuba, Managing Director II-VI HIGHYAG

We are a subsidiary of II-VI Incorporated and are among the leading suppliers of laser material processing solutions worldwide. At our location in Kleinmachnow near Berlin, we employ a workforce of more than 200, and we are present worldwide with branches in Europe, Asia and the US.

Our portfolio includes beam guiding systems and laser processing heads. Beam guiding systems, in the form of laser light cables, and beam coupling systems guide the laser light from the light source to the processing head. Laser processing heads direct the laser light precisely to the spot on the workpiece where the laser is needed for cutting, welding or brazing. Our main customers are the automotive industry and machine tool industries.

We owe our success to the knowledge and experience of our employees. This coins our corporate culture, which is open and communicative and enables cooperation rooted in trust. Every single employee contributes towards our company's success with their knowledge and willingness to assume responsibility. Our team's passion and commitment are the driving force behind our company.

Employees talk about themselves and their work at II-VI HIGHYAG

Sven F├╝ssler, R&D Engineer
Torsten Kunert, Team Leader, Mechanical Assembly
Frank Schulze, R&D Engineer


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