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Direct applications  

You have successfully completed your vocational training or university studies and now wish to start your career, or you already have several years of professional experience and are seeking new professional challenges? Then use your skills and competence and send us your application! You can look forward to future-oriented projects and exciting tasks in a dynamic and growing company with a collegial working environment and international orientation.

Application procedure

After you have sent your complete application documents to Karriere.Highyag@II-VI.com, we will confirm their receipt. We appreciate your efforts in completing your application and would like to honor this through careful examination. Your application documents will be reviewed by the HR department and, if well received, they will be forwarded to the respective department. We will do our best to examine your documents as quickly as possible and to keep you informed about the progress of the selection process.
If your documents have convinced us, we will then invite you to an interview. Depending on the position you are applying for, a second meeting may follow. What is important to us is that you are authentic and present yourself in an open and straightforward manner. Tell us why the position and our company motivated you to apply for a job at our company. Fill the individual points of your CV with life and explain your underlying motivation.
The interview should give you the opportunity to answer any questions and to find out whether we are the right employer and colleagues for you.

First steps
The first step is not always the hardest. We want you to feel at ease and as a member of the team from the very beginning. This is why you will receive your personal first-steps plan even before your first day at work so that you can easily prepare yourself.  You will get to know the different parts of the company and the contacts there from the very start. Our first steps will be further facilitated by our internal product training and basic training programs tailored to your role.
We know that a lot is new and unfamiliar at the beginning of any new activity, and we will be open for your questions and issues. Be communicative too and talk to your new colleagues, superiors and the HR department. In this way, you will quickly see the context and become part of our team thanks to thorough support during your first steps.

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