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Tools For Laser Material Processing
Defining Cutting Edge Quality

HIGHYAG is one of the world's leading suppliers in the laser material processing industry. Its innovative laser processing heads and fiber beam delivery systems are used for laser cutting and welding as well as for brazing.

The product design meets the demanding requirements of the advanced manufacturing industry: high uptime, user-friendly operation and logical system integration. This performance is appreciated by a world-wide customer base of end users, system integrators and laser manufacturers.

Headquarters and production is located near Berlin, Germany. With a worldwide network of Distributors HIGHYAG is represented internationally.

Always a Custom Solution

HIGHYAG products are speedily custom-developed on the basis of time-proven components. This helps to guarantee the same quality standard, to save time, and to realise innovations wherever new solutions are required. That is why our products rely not just on a wealth of experience, but on a number of patents, too. A solid educational background and practical experience provide our teams with a sensitivity for market requirements, making HIGHYAGa reliable partner for research and business. II-VI HIGHYAG provides the following products for material processing with high power lasers as e.g. solid state lasers, faser lasers and diode lasers:

  • Laser processing heads for cutting, welding, brazing and surface treatment
  • Beam delivery systems: laser light cables, fiber-to-fiber couplers, fiber optic modules
  • Accessoires for laser heads and beam delivery as well as auxiliary devices for process alignment and setup


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