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We are an innovative technology company supplying top of the range products for a growth market and synonymous for excellence in high-power laser materials processing. As a subsidiary of II-VI Incorporated, we combine the strengths of our technology-driven parent company with the flexibility of a medium-sized enterprise. We know that all our employees are part of our success and therefore attach great importance to trustful cooperation and the continuous further development of our organization.

We as an employer

We present ourselves as a high-tech company.

Benefits for employees

Our employees' well-being matters to us and we therefore offer a host of voluntary benefits.


Training and university studies

Join our company to gain hands-on experience in the profession of your choice. Avail yourself of the host of options at our company, from school student traineeships to university enrolment.

Direct applications

Thank you for choosing our company! See here how our application process works.


We offer the right access for everybody – be it skilled workers or executives. Check out our current vacancies!


Contact us! Our human resources department will be pleased to advise and assist you.


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