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Benefits for employees  

We want our employees to feel comfortable. This is why we pursue an active health management policy and offer a number of additional benefits, such as a company-funded pension scheme and financial support for child care facility costs. At the same time, we want also offer a wide range of professional development options in order to motivate and support our employees.

Company heath programs
Our employees' health is a very important asset. We are determined to make the work environment healthier in every way so that our employees feel comfortable and stay healthy. Examples include our flextime system, free refreshments and fruit as well as the employee running groups which were established as part of the annual Berlin company run.

But equally important to us is to encourage our employees to live a healthy life and we support this through training sessions on health issues, employee health screenings as well as monthly health tips.

II-VI HIGHYAG owes its success to its highly motivated and committed employees. We honor this by contributing towards the personal social security of our workforce. Our comprehensive social benefits include accident and health insurance services above and beyond statutory obligations. We support our employees by contributing towards child care costs for children under the age of six as well as savings schemes through employer contributions to pension and saving programs. The benefits provided by II-VI HIGHYAG are supplemented by a voluntary, success-related bonus that is paid on a quarterly basis.

Further training/personnel development

Our employees' knowledge is key to our success. We therefore motivate and support our staff to avail themselves of professional and personal further development measures. We offer internal and external training as well as useful coachings and workshops. These measures include measures to foster language skills as part of an internal language course program.

Besides supporting in-company training, we are a recognized training company for commercial professions and as part of the cooperative study system offer positions for university students studying technical subjects.

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