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  Laser Processing Heads / Laser Processing Heads for Welding and Brazing
Laser Processing Heads for Welding and Brazing

HIGHYAG provides the following laser processing heads for welding and brazing:

While at first glance it might look like just another auxiliary gadget for busy robots, a closer look and full evaluation will show that this device is nothing less than the smart way to increase the utilization rate for your welding robots and thus cut costs.

The HIGHmodular is a highly flexible processing head that is typically used for laser welding including battery welding for the automotive industry.

The HIGHmotion 2D is a remote laser welding head optimized to produce high quality and highly reliable welds on Aluminum and Copper connections on batteries used in electric vehicles.


Welcome to the new generation of the BIMO modular processing head, based on the proven laser processing heads BIO and BIMO thar have seen successful deployment in thousand of production scenarios.

These are the properties which allow the II-VI HIGHYAG PDT to tap into new applications for time- and cost-saving laser brazing and welding. With this self-controlled laser machining head, it is now possible to utilize rational laser technology without technological effort, e.g., for welding trunk lids, for roof and sealing duct brazing or for brazing and welding overlap joints (flange welds and fillet welds).


For high-quality welding connections of sheet metal packages one hundred percent reliability in focus guidance is an absolute must. This is ensured by the II-VI HIGHYAG RSK laser processing head. An integrated pressure roller or pressure finger clamps the workpiece and thereby simultaneously takes over the guidance of the focus position on the workpiece.


Micro laser material processing is playing an increasingly important role in flexible manufacturing. For innovative laser beam sources, including diode lasers as well as disc and fiber lasers, possible deployment scenarios are constantly expanding.


Today, lasers are not the cost determining factor in a laser application and a laser system installation. The efficiency of modern diode, fiber and disc lasers has shifted the cost contribution to the accessories and the system integration. The new laser processing head PDT-B follows the laser's exemplary trend by providing the essential seam tracking and auto focus functions using an unmatched cost-effective design.



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