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  Laser Processing Heads / Laser Processing Head RSK
Laser Processing Head RSK  

For High-Quality Welding Connections

For high-quality welding connections of sheet metal packages one hundred percent reliability in focus guidance is an absolute must. This is ensured by the II-VI HIGHYAG RSK laser processing head. An integrated pressure roller or pressure finger clamps the workpiece and thereby simultaneously takes over the guidance of the focus position on the workpiece.

With an infinitely variable pneumatically controlled force (max. 100 daN), the roller or finger runs over the sheet metal  package, thereby precisely following the shapes of the workpiece. Direct coupling of the pressure finger with the focus achieves an “auto-focus control”,  which significantly simplifies the process set-up.

On the other hand, exerting counter pressure can also generate forces below the weight of the head, thus making a “weightless” welding process possible.

For clamping the sheet metal package on both sides, a clamping module with double rollers or double fingers is mounted on the pneumatic linear unit. This enables a clamping force of up to 100 daN to be achieved.

The proven focus heads BIO and BIMO, offering the advantages of a quick cover slide change and opto-electronic cover slide monitoring, are used for focusing the laser beam.

The modular design of HIGHYAG RSK with head-mounted EPS allows customer-specific system integration and robot adaptation (with or without a crash sensor), a wide application spectrum and versatile, long-term guaranteed possibilities for retrofitting. A high level of investment security is therefore guaranteed.

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Laser Processing Head RSK

During the welding process with the RSK the pressure roller follows the contour of the workpiece. In doing so it pneumatically presses down with a constant force.
As roller and optics are mechanically connected by the linear motion unit an exact Z position of the focus is thereby guaranteed.

With a constant linear robot movement the linear motion unit compensates for larger tolerances of the workpiece and inaccuracies of the robot.
HIGHYAG – RSK in action


  • Laser welding multiple sheets     (overlap joint)
  • A wide range of product-specific joint and  component geometries
System Features
  • Optimized optical system in modular design with straight or angled beam delivery system
  • Integrated clamping system with linear pressure unit and clamping modules pressure wheel, contact finger, double pressure wheel or double pressure finger
  • Simple replacement of the cover slide via a cover slide drawer with plug-in monitoring
  • Cross jet for a long cover slide service life
  • Interface to PLC
Double pressure wheel Double pressure finger clamping module: best weld quality using ZINCWELD technology

Laser Processing Head RSK


Laser Processing Head RSK
Technical Data

Optical System

Focusing system (magnification @ focal length) 0.75 @ 150 mm, 1.0 @ 200 mm, *
Collimation system (magnification @ focal length) 1.5 @ 200 mm, 1.8 @ 160 mm, 2.0 @ 130 mm, *
Max. average laser power 6 kW
Max. beam parameter acceptance (half angle) of laser light exiting fiber 97% power content within 125 or 210 mrad
Wave length 800 - 950 nm, 1020 - 1080 nm
Transmission > 95%
Core diameter laser light cable 300 - 1000 μm (typical)
Laser light cable receiver HIGHYAG LLK, LLK-Auto, LLK-B, QBH, *

Linear Motion Unit
Max. clamping force 1000 N
Max. stroke 30 mm

WxDxH, examples:
- RSK 0° DR (double pressure wheel)
- RSK 0° DF (double pressure finger)
- RSK 0° R (pressure wheel)
- RSK 90° F left (pressure finger)

Approx. 321 x 315 x 889 mm³
Approx. 337 x 315 x 872 mm³
Approx. 321 x 315 x 775 mm³
Approx. 321 x 321 x 775 mm³

Approx. 28 kg
Approx. 31 kg
Approx. 33 kg
Approx. 38 kg

Electrical DC 24 V, 2.5 A, *
Pneumatics ≤ 1.0 MPa
Cross jet: ≤ 1.0 MPa, approx. 500 l/min @ 0.6 MPa
Cooling Flow rate 2 l/min, temperature 15 – 35 °C (avoiding condensation)
PLC / field bus system Hard wired, *

Subject to change without prior notice
*Others on request
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