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Laser Processing Head PDT  

These are the properties which allow the II-VI PDT to tap into applications for time- and cost-saving laser brazing and welding. With this self-controlled laser machining head, it is possible to utilize rational laser technology without technological effort, e.g., for welding trunk lids, for roof and sealing duct brazing or for brazing and welding overlap joints (fl ange welds and fi llet welds).

The problem-free use of the PDT is based on a tactile servo motor assisted seam tracking, which is integrated in the machining optical system. This involves a tactile sensor fi nger, optionally with or without a wire, via an optic-mechanical rotary motion that is directly coupled with the focus guidance system. This industry proven technology make the PDT fi rst choice for highly dynamic 1 μm laser material processing applications such as body-in-white welding.

The processing head can traverse the laser focus to the precise welding or brazing position and then safely and accurately guide it over the workpiece during the process. This compensates for tolerances of the component part and inaccuracies of either the programming or the handling machine. The path can remain unchanged, thus signifi cantly simplifying control.

With the help of a PC-based user interface, a parmeterization of the head (control functions, inputs and outputs) is possible.

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Focusing module: all laser power is focused into one point

Zoom collimation: variable set-up of focus diameter without change in focus position

Cover slide drawer: quick and easy cover slide exchange

CCD camera with viewing system: visualizing the process in set-up and production

Tactile sensor: guides the laser focus

PDT with pressure wheel: seam tracking and integrated clamping technology, the advantages of two systems in one processing head


  • Laser welding or laser brazing of fillet and edge-formed seams
System Features

Optimized modular optical systems:

  • Laser brazing
  • Laser welding
  • Optic modules with focus forming
Tactile seam tracking with servo motor support
  • Accurate adjustment of wire/tactile sensor
  • Wide angular sensor range for optimized component access
  • Absolute values for process point
  • Direct control via Interbus (or similar)
  • PC program for parameter set-up
System integration
  • Cross jet for extended cover slide life time
  • CCTV viewing system with integrated illumination of process point
  • Robot adaptation with crash sensor
  • Interface to PLC


Laser Processing Head PDT


Laser Processing Head PDT Technical Data

Optical System
Focusing system (magnification @ focal length) 1.00 @ 200 mm, 1.70 @ 340 mm, 3.30 @ 660 mm, *
Collimation system (magnification @ focal length) 1.8 @ 110 mm, 2.0 @ 100 mm, 2.3 @ 90 mm, 3.0 @ 70 mm, *
Max. average laser power 6 kW
Max. beam parameter acceptance (half angle) of laser light exiting fiber 97% power content within 125 or 210 mrad
Wave length

900 - 1060 nm (e.g. for diode lasers),*
1025 - 1080 nm ( e.g. for YAG. fibre and disc lasers)

Transmission > 94% @ 1064 nm
Core diameter laser light cable 200 - 1000 μm (typical)
Laser light cable receiver HIGHYAG LLK-HP, LLK-Auto, LLK-B, LLK-D, QBH, *

Seam Tracking
Swiveling angle of focusing unit 200°
Useable Z stroke (tactile sensor, focus position):
- welding

- brazing

5 mm (10mm with
auto focus)
15 mm
Adjustable range of laser light cable receiver 360°

Wire Feeding System
Support for wire feeder On request, e.g. Binzel, Fronius, Dinse
Suitable for hot wire up to 200 A

CCTV Viewing
Interface CCTV viewing C-Mount
Optional camera system Ethernet*

WxDxH, examples:
- PDT with integrated
  peripheral equipment
- PDT in compact

Approx. 800 mm x 430 mm x 540 mm

Approx. 410 mm x 180 mm x 540 mm

Weight Approx. 11 - 25 kg (depending on configuration)

Electrical DC 24 V, 5 A, *
Pneumatics ≤1.0 MPa
Cross jet: ≤ 1.0 MPa, approx. 500 l/min @ 0.6 MPa
Shielding gas On request, approx. 5 - 40 l/min, 0.6 MPa
Cooling Flow rate 2 l/min, temperature 15 – 35 °C (avoiding condensation)
PLC / field bus system Hard wired, Interbus, Profibus, DeviceNet*

Subject to change without prior notice
*Others on request



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