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  Laser Processing Heads / Laser Processing Head PDT-B
Laser Processing Head PDT-B  

Laser Processing Head PDT-B
Efficient and Simple Precision

Today, lasers are not the cost determining factor in a laser application and a laser system installation. The efficiency of modern diode, fiber and disc lasers has shifted the cost contribution to the accessories and the system integration. The new laser processing head PDT-B follows the laser's exemplary trend by providing the essential seam tracking and auto focus functions using an unmatched cost-effective design.

One of the most important requirements of the laser application is to locate the focus of the laser beam precisely at the defined seam position. The patented technology of the laser processing head PDT-B handles this task in an amazingly simple manner. A tactile sensor which is directly located in front of the laser focus controls the lateral and vertical beam position and therefore guarantees the correct position on the workpiece.


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Laser Processing Head PDT-B
with Integrated Tactile Seam Tracking and Auto Focus Control

The seam tracking modules controls the lateral seam tracking. In order to do so the PDT-B uses very cost effective spring loaded or alternatively a pneumatically controlled mechanism.

Simple Seam Tracking
Auto Focus Control

System features

  • Integrated tactile seam tracking
  • Adaption of various laser types
  • Modular accessories
  • Cable management system
Tactile sensor: guides the laser focus Seam tracking module
Cover slide drawer: quick and easy cover slide exchange
PDT-B Front PDT-B Right PDT-B Back

Laser Processing Head PDT-B
Product Data

Optical System

Focusing system (magnification @ focal length) * 0.75 @ 150 mm, 1.00 @ 200 mm, 1.70 @ 340 mm, 3.30 @ 660 mm
Collimation system (magnification @ focal length) * 1.8 @ 110 mm, 2.0 @ 100 mm,
2.3 @ 90 mm, 3.0 @ 70 mm
Max. average laser power 6 kW
Max. beam parameter acceptance (half angle) of laser light exiting fiber 97% power content within 125 or 210 mrad
Wave length 800 - 950 nm
1020 - 1080 nm
Transmission > 95%
Core diameter laser light cable 300 - 1000 μm (typical)
Laser light cable receiver * HIGHYAG LLK, LLK-Auto,

Seam Tracking
Swiveling angle of focusing unit 200°
Useable Z stroke (tactile sensor, focus position)
- welding

- brazing

5 mm (10 mm
with auto focus)
15 mm
Adjustable range of laser light cable receiver 360°

Wire Feeding System
Support for wire feeder On request, e.g. Binzel, Fronius
Suitable for hot wire up to 200 A

Size (W x D x H)
- PDT with integrated
  periphal equipment
- PDT in compact design

Approx. 800 x 430 x 540 mm
Approx. 410 x 180 x 540 mm
Weight Approx. 11 - 25 kg (depending on configuration)

Electrical * DC 24 V, 5 A
Pneumatics <= 1.0 MPa
Crossjet: <= 1.0 MPa, approx. 500 l/min @ 0.6 MPa
Shielding gas On request, approx. 5 - 40 l/min, 0.6 MPa
Cooling Flow rate 2 l/min, temperature 15 - 35 °C (avoiding condensation)
PLC/field bus
system *
Hard wired

Subject to change without prior notice
*Others on request
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