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  Laser Processing Heads / Laser Processing Heads BIMO
Laser Processing Heads BIMO  

Laser Processing Head BIMO
High Performance on Best Focus

Welcome to the new generation of the BIMO modular processing head, based on the proven laser processing heads BIO and BIMO thar have seen successful deployment in thousand of production scenarios.

The innovative design comes in response to new laser light sources, from the diode laser to the disc and fiber laser, which have expanded the requirements for the optical systems of processing optics. While it masters these challenges , we made sure the system is of the same solid construction. It also permit safe, simple operation in 24/7 production then as now.

Thus, the flexible, modular system of the BIMO laser processing head forms the basis for most tasks in laser-based material processing.


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Laser Processing Head BIMO
High Performance on Best Focus

The processing head can be configured in individual and modular ways. This includes simple tasks, like focusing the laser light onto the workpiece, as well as configuration of the entire turnkey subsystem of the laser processing head inside the laser cell.

Cover slide drawer and cover slide monitor

Cross Jet and shielding gas module

Laser Processing Head BIMO - Structure


Laser Processing Head BIMO
High Performance on Best Focus

Optical System

Focusing system (magnification @ focal length) 1.0 @ 200 mm, 1.5 @ 300 mm, 2.3 @ 460 mm; *
Collimation system (magnification @ focal length)
1.0 @ 200 mm, 1.2 @ 167 mm, 1.4 @ 143 mm, 1.6 @ 125 mm, 1.75 @ 114 mm, 2.0 @ 100 mm, 2.5 @ 80 mm, zoom variations; *
Max. laser power average 6 kW (optional 20 kW - BIMO HP), peak 200 kW
Max. beam parameter acceptance (half angle) of laser light exiting fiber 125 or 210 mrad
900 - 1060 nm (e.g. for diode lasers)
1025 - 1080 nm (e.g. for YAG, fiber and disc lasers) *
Transmission > 97 %
Core diameter laser light cable 10 - 1000 µm (typical)
Laser light cable receiver

Magnification depending on configuration
Video system
Interface CCTV-viewing C-Mount

Size (W x D x H)

Approx. 312 x 90 x 682 mm
Approx. 479 x 90 x 388 mm

Approx. 3.6 kg
Approx. 4.4 kg

DC 24 V, 2.5 A *
Pneumatics 1.0 MPa
Cross Jet: 1.0 MPa, approx. 500 l/min @ 0.6 MPa
Cooling Flow rate 2 l/min, temperature 15 - 35 °C (avoiding condensation)
PLC / field bus system
Hard wired, Interbus, Profibus, DeviceNet, *

Subject to change without prior notice
* Others on request


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