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  Laser Processing Heads / Laser Processing Head BIMO-FSC
Laser Processing Head BIMO-FSC  

Laser Cutting Head BIMO-FSC
for Flexible Flat Sheet Cutting

The use of fiber lasers for cutting applications is growing steadily.
The design of HIGHYAG's new BIMO-FSC cutting head takes all of the special requirements of these lasers into account.

Maximum Productivity
Productivity is key for flat sheet cutting machine operator, The BIMO-FSC meets this need exactly. It hasthe capability to adjust the focus position and focus diameter automatically via the CNC. This allows for cutting of different sheet thicknesses without any manual intervention. In combination with the BIMO-FSC's rapid focus movement on the work piece. efficient flat sheet cutting and maximum productivity are guaranteed.

Cutting Edge Quality
In addition, the cut quality is of particular importance. A determining factor of the cut quality is the optical design. The design of the BIMO-FSC allows for a reduction of the laser power-induced focus shift as well as for diffraction-limited imaging quality being the condition for best cut quality.

Flexible Machine Integration
The modular design enables the easy integration in dynamically moving flat sheet cutting machines. For optimized integration, the Cutting Head Controller(CHC) controls the motorized collimation, the capacitive height sensing and the cover slide monitoring, and it communicates via EtherCAT. In order to reduce the mechanical strain on the laser light cable system, the collimation module can be installed at the angel of 90°. Consequently, the BIMO-FSC can be integrated into any cutting machine.

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Laser light cable receiver and cover slide in front of collimation Collimation module with machine controlled adjustment of focus position and/or diameter Base module with X,Y alignment for centering of focus to nozzle tip
Monitored cover slide for protecting the focusing lens Cutting nozzle with adapter for using different nozzle types Cutting Head Controller CHC


Laser Cutting Head BIMO-FSC

Laser Cutting Head BIMO-FSC
Technical Data

Optical System
Focusing system (focal length) 150 mm, 200 mm *
Magnification @ focal length
- BIMO-FSC with manual z focus position
 1.5 @ 150 mm, 2.0 @ 200 mm
- BIMO-FSC with motorized z focus position
 1.5 @ 150 mm, 2.0 @ 200 mm
- BIMO-FSC with motorized z focus position and diameter
 1.2 - 3.2 @ 150 mm, 1.8 - 4.2 @ 200 mm
Max. laser power 10 kW
Max. beam parameter acceptance (half angle) of laser light exiting fiber 99% power content within 125 mrad

λ=1025 - 1080 nm, *(e.g. for fiber and disc lasers)
λ=940 -1 1000 nm(diode lasers)

Transmission > 97% @ λ=1064 nm
Core diameter laser light cable 10 - 1000 µm (typical)
Laser light cable receiver QBH, HIGHYAG LLK-Auto (LLK-D), *

Cutting Nozzle
Nozzle types
Compatible with all common nozzle types
X, Y adjustment
+/- 1 mm

Focus to Nozzle Position Range
BIMO-FSC with motorized z focus position 5 mm in head direction - 15 mm in work piece direction
BIMO-FSC with motorized z focus position and diameter 10 mm in head direction - 30 mm in work piece direction

Cutting Head Controller CHC
Calibration range
0.1 - 20 mm, *
Output signal
0 - 10 V for distance, *
Response time
< 1 msec

Approx. 135 x 115 x 480 mm3 (W x D x H)
BIMO-FSC with 90° beam bending module Approx. 380 x 115 x 410 m3 (W x D x H)
 Weight  Approx. 6,5 kg

DC 24 V, 8 A *, (BIMO-FSC with motorized z focus position and diameter)
0.2 MPa
Pressure cutting gas
Up to 2.5 MPa
Gas Inert and active
Flow rate 2 l/min, temperature 15 - 35 °C
PLC / field bus system
EtherCAT, hardwired.*

Subject to change without prior notice

* Others on request

Video BIMO-FSC with machine controlled adjustment of focus position and focus diameter

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