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  Laser Processing Heads Accessories
Laser Processing Heads Accessories

Accessories for laser focus heads and beam delivery systems

The range of accessories includes peripheral equipment for laser processing heads and beam delivery systems, tools for process adjustment and set-up, as well as components for the laser machining cell.

The features in overview

  • Easier process set-up
  • Connection of HIGHYAG components to the cell control system
  • Increased process stability
  • Extended service intervals


  • Time and cost savings thanks to optimized tools
  • Adaptation to a wide range of applications possible as required

Cover Slide Monitor

The cover slide monitor can be used to check the degree of contamination of the cover slide. Furthermore, breakage of the cover slide is also detected. Regular manual checking or preventive replacement of cover slides is hence no longer necessary.

Cover Slides

Compensation insert

The compensation insert simplifies the set-up process when using a pilot laser in the laser source. It shifts the focus of the pilot laser beam to the focus position of the working laser.


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