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  Laser Processing Heads Accessories / Cover Slide Monitor
Cover slide monitor  

Cover slide monitor for high power Nd:YAG and diode lasers

The cover slide monitor can be used to check the degree of contamination of the cover slide. Furthermore, breakage of the cover slide is also detected. Regular manual checking or preventive replacement of cover slides is hence no longer necessary.

Cover slides are replaced exactly as required – just in time, before it's too late!

The features in overview

  • Increased process safety
  • Setting of the critical contamination on a case-to-case basis for the specific machining process at the unit.
  • Cost savings thanks to detection of cover slide contamination: change only when necessary
  • Avoidance of damage to the optics by detecting cover slide contamination before breakage
  • Suitable for Nd:YAG and diode lasers in pulse and continuous-wave mode
  • Interface with the PLC

Cover slide monitor - Structure


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