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  Beam Delivery / Fiber-to-fiber coupler
Fiber-to-fiber coupler  

Laser light cable coupling module for high power thin disk lasers and fiber lasers

The fiber-to-fiber coupler serves for the low-loss connection of two laser light cables. It can be integrated into existing laser light cable systems and thereby enables the beam delivery system to be extended using the existing laser light cables, as well as the fast replacement of individual laser light cable sections.

The features in overview
  • Modular design for easy customization and  integration into existing systems
  • Compatible with HIGHYAG Laser light cables and Trumpf LLK-B laser light cables
  • Comprehensive range of  sensor systems and electronic systems for monitoring
  • Easy alignment


  • Connection module with two receivers for II-VI HIGHYAG Laser light cables or Trumpf LLK-B laser light cables
  • Interface for integration into the equipment control system
  • Interface for integration into existing laser light cable monitoring systems
  • Monitoring unit for plug-in status, function and temperature of the laser light cables connected
  • Electronics unit for monitoring and analysis of the scattered light
  • Cooled laser light cable receivers
  • All components in a robust housing


  • Compatibility with laser light cables of other manufacturers
  • Purging gas connection
  • Sensors for monitoring the laser light and the process light


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