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  Beam Delivery System
Beam Delivery System  

HIGHYAG beam delivery products for 1 µ lasers - from the beam launching unit at the laser via the laser light cable to the laser processing head at the workpiece - are matched in a manner that ensures almost loss-free beam transmission and a safe and reliable integration into your laser application.

  • All the components are prealigned.
  • The beam parameter product (BPP) of the laser is preserved even at the point of processing.
The features in overview
  • Corrected optical systems for avoiding aberations.
  • Reproducible plug-in connections ensure that individual parts of the system can be replaced without a need for re-adjustment.
  • Minimum power and beam quality losses.


Laser Light Cable LLK

Guides the laser beam from the laser source to the laser processing head. It is designed for dynamic use with a robot or on a gantry system.

Laser Light Cable Receiver

The laser light cable receiver serves for the precise placement of the laser light cable connector.

Fiber-Fiber Coupler FFK

Enables the low-loss connection of two laser light cables. It can be integrated into existing laser light cable systems and thereby enables the beam delivery system to be extended. It also makes possible the fast replacement of individual laser light cable sections.


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